Justin Bieber’s wild European exploits continue, with the news that he’s been busted for having pot on his tourbus going through Sweden. We don’t really need to list the rest of the things he’s been up to while on his travels but we might as well anyway: turned up late on stage in London, got refused the £15,000 appearance fee he was asking for a London club, got turned away from one club in Manchester, took to walking around London with a gas mask on, had members of his entourage turned away from a London club for being underage, had a concert cancelled in Portugal because of poor ticket sales, left his pet monkey at an airport in Germany where it remains unclaimed.

According to TMZ, Swedish officials smelt weed coming from Bieber’s tour bus on Wednesday evening (April 24, 2013) and managed to obtain a search warrant for narcotics on the bus. They then searched the bus, which was next to the Globe Arena in Stockholm, and found a small amount of drugs, which other reports have confirmed to be weed.

No one was on the bus at the time apparently and there has been no charges made as it’s apparently been impossible to determine whose it was. A telltale sign was that Bieber was hanging out with Lil Za a few hours beforehand, who he was seen smoking weed with in LA earlier this year.

Justin Bieber
Bieber added another incident to his European catalogue