Justin Bieber has spent years trying to present himself as the harmless teen dreamboat tailor-made for tween girls everywhere, so when he tries to re-invent himself as a badboy artist, you can forgive us for not taking him too seriously. His vied-for status as a 'badboy' is becoming increasingly more apparent however, and his latest run in with the law may earn him his first stripes as a budding bad influence.

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Justin wasn't on board the drug-carrying bus

Whilst attempting to travel through boarder control to get from his native Canada to the United States with an army of touring vehicles, one of his buses was stopped and searched by boarder control agents, with unspecified amounts of marijuana and drug paraphernalia found on board.

According to the Detroit Free Press, Justin wasn't on board this particular coach, and has not faced any criminal charge, although the driver of the bus was cited, earning a civil penalty, with the passengers on board allowed to leave the bus without police questioning.

According to Kenneth Hammond, chief officer and public affairs liaison for U.S. Customs and Border Protection, the convoy was heading out of Windsor, Canada and into Detroit, Michigan, for a Bieber concert due to take place in the American city on Sunday (28 July).

He went on to say that, upon inspecting the bus, they found only a small amount of cannabis, which they deemed was for personal use, and let the driver off with a warning. Bieber's scheduled performance at Detroit's Joe Louis Arena went ahead the same night without any further distraction.

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Justin hasn't been acting particularly angelic recently

In his recent run of bad form, Justin was last seen spitting at his fans from his hotel balcony in Toronto, Canada. This is one of three separate spitting incidents supposedly involving the singer. He was also accused of spitting at a man in an Ohio nightclub (the man plans on suing) as well as one of his neighbours, who claims that the singer spat at them when confronting him over his reckless driving in the neighbourhood.

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What will he do next?