Any publicity is… no, wait, Justin Bieber is taking his shirt off again. Normally shirtless Biebz pics woun’t qualify as a top headline, but given that Justin proudly showed off his inc while being arrested. Naturally, this serves as yet more ammo for the “haters”.

Justin Bieber, Miami Police Mugshot
Trust JB to turn an arrest into a free photo op.

The pictures were taken by Miami Beach Police, presumably to have Justin’s tattoos (aka identifying marks) on record. But of course, Bieber has been posing for photo shoots since he was 14, so he just couldn’t help but strike a few poses. These must be the first mugshots in history, in which the subject looks like such an OG – or at least Bieber seems to think he does. In the pictures, posted by TMZ, he’s all solemn and thoughtful, lifting up his shirt to reveal the various inscriptions on his body. Cue fan girls swooning.

Oh and there’s one where he’s just lookling soulful/slightly intoxicated thrown in there – maybe just for kicks. Meanwhile, Miami police have announced that they will release the remaining footage they have of the singer in custody, The Guardian reports. 

Justin Bieber
On the bright side, at least he didn't start throwing deuces, right?

This will comply with a decision by Miami-Dade County judge William Altfield, who ordered that the recordings should be released, with any sensitive bits (shots of Bieber’s genitalia blurred out). The judge explained that in this case, Bieber’s right to privacy trumps the public’s right to know every sordid detail.