Justin Bieber pictures really are in-demand. On Monday night (June 17) Justin Bieber may or may not have hit a paparazzo with his Ferrari whilst driving through Los Angeles. Whatever happened, the Biebs got off the hook with the possible hit and run, with police calling 'no crime' at the scene and Bieber being cleared of any wrongdoing.

The news was for reported by TMZ, who stated that Justin was driving from the Laugh Factory on Sunset Boulevard around midnight with his buddy Lil Twist in the passenger seat. As is so often the case in the teenager's life, there were a swarm of paparazzi keeping track of him as he left the establishment. When he was trying to get away from them and motioning for some to move out of the way, he clipped one of the photographers who had initially thrown themselves in front of Justin's vehicle and Justin apparently just sped off leaving the pap with the opportunity to sue. To hopefully avoid that, the LAPD have since looked into the matter and found that Justin didn't do anything wrong.

The cops spoke to the singer after his run-in and he told them he didn't even realise he hit the photographer and just wanted to leave. Police eventually decided that because the pap was a pedestrian in the road it was his fault anyway, and thus Justin walked away a free man.

This might not be the end though, as Justin must now be weary of the wrath of the paparazzi, who could easily make Justin's life a much bigger hell that they already are doing. At least he has all that money and fame...

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