No charges have been raised against Justin Bieber in his alleged phone snatching incident recently. In the latest Bieber-related scandal, the singer was accused by a woman of trying to snatch her cell phone at a miniature golf course and batting cages center in Sherman Oaks. However, according to the LA Times, the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office has refused to press misdemeanor charges in this case. The case was handed to the City Attorney’s Office after the District Attorney’s office had already determined that the evidence was insufficient for a more serious charge.

Justin Bieber
No charges for Bieber... this time.

For the time being, it looks like all is right in Justin Bieber land. However, the singer might still get charged for egging a neighbour’s house in Calabasas back in January. The alleged Sherman Oaks phone incident took place on May 12. The woman in question reported that she was visiting the park with her daughter and pulled out her phone in the presence of the singer. However, the woman says that she had already put her phone in her pocket, after one of Bieber’s security guards told her to stop taking pictures. But she accused the pop star of reaching into her purse and trying to pull the phone out anyway. The unnamed woman alleges that she never let go of the phone and that, after she agreed to show Bieber that she had not been recording video, Bieber let go of the device and she displayed the screen.

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Justin Bieber
The singer might still get a vandalism charge for egging his neighbour's house.

She told police detectives Bieber said: "Why don't you leave, you're embarrassing your daughter." The woman said at that point her daughter started to cry and they left. The woman then called the next day and filed a police report.