Justin Bieber has been told that he has four months to pick up his monkey or it will go into care. That’s right, he’s going full-on Jacko in owning a capuchin monkey, although apparently unlike the late King of Pop Michael Jackson, Bieber doesn’t seem too enamoured with his pet. It’s currently languishing in Germany waiting to be picked up after the 19 year-old failed to produce the correct documentation for it at Munich airport when going through customs with it. The poor chap (the monkey, that is.)

The monkey, named Mally, is apparently being looked after at a shelter in Munich and will be put into the permanent care if Bieber doesn’t turn up to claim it within the month. According to the Independent, a spokesperson for the shelter said “The monkey is cheerful and is eating well and has his replacement mummy [a toy cat] with it all the time.” Apparently neither Bieber or his management have got in touch with the sanctuary since leaving Mally there, with Bieber having since left the country to play elsewhere in Europe. Several zoos are willing to give the capuchin specie a home, however.

Bieber has been a constant pain the backside to Europe since coming across to tour, causing all sorts of shenanigans in the UK alone, including turning up late to perform, trying to get clubs to pay him appearance fees to turn up to their establishments, and going out partying with underage pals and subsequently kicking up a stink when they were turned away. He may be loved by the Beliebers, but frankly the rest of Europe can’t wait to see the back of him.

Justin BieberJustin Bieber doesn't seem to care about his pet monkey