Justin Bieber fancies himself as a dandy from the Roaring Twenties it seems, as the Canadian singer has reportedly compared his latest party to being like something right out the page of a F. Scott Fitzgerald novel. After a recent house party at the Bieber gaff forced police out to his place three separate times, Bieber has taken a fancying of himself in the mould of the infamous fictional party host.

Justin Bieber
Justin thinks his parties are worthy of going down in folklore

The 19-year-old threw a wild get together at his place in the Calabasas region of California, a high end suburb for the Los Angeles district known for its high profile list of residents. On Friday (15 Nov.) night, the singer threw a party at his Calabasas home as a homecoming gift to himself, having come fresh from an eventful tour of South America, and things soon got out of hand. Police were apparently called to the house on three separate occasions - at 1 am, 3am and 5.30am - prompting the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department out to the scene to ask the partygoers to keep things down.

Justin Bieber Live
The singer was celebrating being home from tour

According to TMZ, who managed to get a comment from Justin as he strolled through Hollywood the next day, Biebs wouldn't disclose the information as to who called the cops on him, but he did readily big up the previous nights party. As he walked to his car, Bieber responded to a pap grilling him on what the party was like, to which he replied, "It was wild. It was some Great Gatsby sh*t."

What secret was Justin's 'sleepy time' filmer hiding?

According to reports from TMZ, not only was the party good enough for Jay Gatsby, but there were some other party-loving celebrities around the Bieber digs to enjoy the party too, namely, Snoop Lion. We wonder if he brought any of his friends from Brazil to the party?

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The boy loves to party