Justin Bieber has another new single out as he continues his weekly 'Music Mondays' campaign. The singer has kept the R&B edge he had on last week's 'Heartbreaker' but gone for a much more softly spoken ballad with his second song of the 10 week campaign with 'All That Matters.'

The 19-year-old, who has been making headline for all the wrong reasons once again over the past week, released his pop ballad through iTunes just after midnight (14 Oct.), announcing the release through his Twitter page. In the song, Justin sings about his love for a special lady and how much she means to him. Last week he sang about a lasting heartbreak and trying to get through with life after losing someone he loves. Could Justin have gotten over Selena Gomez in the space of a week?

"You're all that matters to me/ Yeah yeah, ain't worry about nobody else/ If it ain't you, I ain't myself/ You make me complete/ You're all that matters to me," he croons, telling his girl that he is nothing without her. "What's a king bed without a queen/ There ain't no 'I' in team."

In the space between the new single releases, Justin has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons over the past week. He was roundly mocked for claiming to be an adult at last because he had managed to grow his first few wisps of facial hair. Sporting a pre-pubescent moustache, Bieber kick started 'Film Fridays' through his Twitter, in the build up to his upcoming movie Believe.

He was also accused of taking a cheap shot at someone whilst at a nightclub in Seoul recently, with DJ Michael Woods' manager apparently on the receiving end of a hit and run from the Canadian teen. According to the DJ, Justin hit the tour manager cheaply and then ran away from the scene before he could face any repercussions. Justin hasn't commented on the alleged incident yet.

Justin Bieber
Justin is all man... apparently