What the eff is Justin Bieber doing? We’ve all been wondering that lately, but the teen pop star’s latest altercation is a pretty big one. According to TMZ, Justin got into a tiff with one of his neighbours on Tuesday. The singer apparently got so riled up, that he had to be restrained by his bodyguard. We assume that wasn’t too difficult. And considering that he was lunging at a 47-year-old man, it kind of makes you wonder...

Not only did Justin jump at the man, but according to TMZ, he was also seen spitting at him. Well, unless the Biebs was calling the man out to a duel, that doesn’t really seem like gentlemanly behavior.

This is actually the second in a series of outbursts from Justin, who was restrained just last month for attacking a nosy photographer in London. Looks like his frustration with the media is making Justin vent in all sorts of unexpected and often dangerous ways. And the sound advice Justin got from multiple places, including actress Olivia Wilde – to keep his clothes on and keep a low profile – doesn’t seem to have made an impact. There’s one good side to all of this though – at least he’s keeping the news outlets busy with his antics.

Justin Bieber, London
Aside from his teenager-y antics, Justin hasn't really been giving us much in the way of performances lately.