News broke yesterday (December 12, 2012) of a Justin Bieber murder plot.

It seems as though the teenage Canadian pop star was lucky to escape an early death, after a Bieber-obsessed convict formed a plot with a former inmate and his nephew to kill four people in two different states. Two of those people were Justin Bieber and Bieber’s head of security.

Dana Martin, 45, is currently serving time in a Southern New Mexico Corrections Facility. Former inmate Mark Staake and his nephew Tanner Ruane were arrested last month in Vermont after they missed a motorway exit and ended up being picked up by a US border agent at the Highgate Springs crossing. The details of the planned murder make for pretty disturbing reading. According to a report from USA Today, the wannabe hit-men had planned to murder Bieber and the other three victims with a paisley tie. The police affidavit also reveals that there was a $2,500 bounty on each of Bieber’s testicles and the accused pair were armed with pruning shears, in order that they could castrate him.

Luckily for Bieber, the hapless assassins were shopped to the police by Dana Martin and the Justin Bieber murder plot was foiled. The 45 year-old, who is currently locked up for murdering a 15 year old girl is said to be obsessed with Justin and even has a tattoo of the pop star on his leg.