What is it with Justin Bieber, monkeys and planes? Not for the first time, Justin has landed himself in trouble and ticked off plenty of people for trying to fly with a pet monkey in tow; this time the singer was flying from Miami to Burbank and made the private plane that he hired wait up to eight hours for his pet monkey to arrive, TMZ reports.

The Biebs was due to take off from Miami airport at 11 am ET, but the singer called the private jet company to warn them that he wasn't going to be on time, because he was busy looking for his pet monkey. Four hours passed before the Canadian singer actually showed up at the airport, but he made the plane wait another four hours so he could stick around and have his monkey delivered to him. At one point the singer even charted a helicopter and flew over Miami so he could retrieve his monkey and understandably, the private plane company aren't happy with Justin one bit.

Eventually, Justin boarded the plane at around 7 pm ET, although we're not sure whether the monkey made it on to the plane with him. As for the plane company, they haven't made any comments on the situation just yet, but as far as we know the company aren't at all happy with Justin and may look to seek out legal compensation for his disruptions.

Earlier this year, Justin tried to smuggle another pet monkey, named Mally, into Germany without filing the correct paper work or declaring before he flew that he had an animal with him. The monkey was taken into custody by German customs and Justin was told that he could have the pet back once he'd filed the right documents and paid a fine for attempting to smuggle something into a foreign country. Justin never did pay the fine or file the documents and Mally now lives at a German nature reserve.

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