German officials have given Justin Bieber until midnight on Friday (May 17, 2013) to collect his monkey Mally from a Munich animal shelter or he will incur costs for care, food and vet visits for the capuchin's two month stay in Germany. Bieber's monkey was seized in Europe after he failed to present the proper documents after arriving in Germany for a tour - he failed to collect the pet before jetting back to America.

Though the story has made for light-hearted reading in recent months, it's been pretty bad form on Bieber's part to simply forget about his pet and defer responsibilities. He is yet to give a statement on the monkey and appears to have erased little Mally from his memory. Customs office Thomas Meister says Justin has until Friday to claim the monkey seized on March 28. The shelter says the superstar singer's management company has asked that the 20-week-old monkey be placed in a zoo, though staff are believed to be wary of the idea. Customs are yet to receive a formal request for that from Bieber or an authorized representatives, according to Billboard.

Mally is thought to have been given to the singer to mark his 19th birthday by music producer Jamal Rashid. According to The Sun, he has been kept in a 10ft by 16ft room at the shelter and cared for by Conrad Dressler, 29 - he has a teddy that Bieber gave him to play with. Centre spokesman Judith Brettmeister said, "Mally is lonely. He could suffer serious psychological problems if he doesn't start living with other capuchin monkeys soon."

Come on Justin, stop monkeying around.

Justin BieberMonkey Woes: Justin Bieber Really Needs To Pick Up His Monkey