Justin Bieber’s pet monkey Mally is set to become the property of Germany, after the 19 year-old some-time pop superstar and full-time brat left him in a Munich airport unclaimed during his European tour.

According to The Independent, Mally was taken by German customs on March 28th after Bieber failed to provide the correct documentation for owning the gibbon. The authorities set the singer a deadline of Friday 17th May to produce the documents so that he could reclaim his pet; however Bieber hasn’t done so, which means that Mally will now become property of the German state. Should he want him back, JB will have six weeks to content the decision, while talks about the pet’s permanent home are on-going. If you ask us, he should just stay in Germany and away from that plastic-faced abhorrence.

Leaving the monkey in Munich was one of many incidents that Bieber was involved in during his ill-fated tour of Europe, and the on-going scrutiny on his private life has forced the 19 year-old to lash out. After being booed at the Billboard Music Awards at the weekend, he fumed “This is not a gimmick, and I’m an artist, and I should be taken seriously. And all this other bull should not be spoken of,” he said. Biebz, you’re as much an artist as we are the Financial Times.

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber sans monkey, as he has been since March