You thought you’d heard the last of Justin Bieber’s monkey, hadn’t you? Well, exotic pets need love too, and JB’s extravagant care for his furry friend deserves some special attention. Note: despite how much it sounds like it, nothing written thus far is meant as a euphemism. It is an actual monkey and Bieber actually forced his private jet into an 8-hour delay because of it.

The monkey was apparently lost (like you, we’re wondering how exactly one misplaces a monkey) and, at the time TMZ originally announced the post, Bieber was still out looking for it. Apparently he was supposed to take the privately chartered flight from Miami to Burbank at 11AM ET, but after calling to announce that he’d be late, the singer showed up at 3PM. As you may have guessed, the issue was far from solved at that point. While he did show up, apparently he still needed to pick up the monkey from West Palm Beach – again, don’t ask.

But you can’t say that he isn’t a devoted owner – while he did accomplish the difficult feat of losing the animal, the 19-year-old global superstar reportedly hired a helicopter to make his flight to the monkey. If that isn’t dedication, we don’t know what is. No information yet about the state of affairs – or of the monkey for that matter, but whatever happened, we hope all went well. Although this begs the question – if you can’t really trust a teenager with a twitter stream, is it really all that wise to trust him with a living being? Well, one way or another, he’s gonna find it, he’s gonna get it, get it… etc.

Justin Bieber, LA
Justin Bieber is one devoted owner.

Justin Bieber, Arnhem, Netherlands
Not even work can keep him from rescuing his pet.