Justin Bieber hit the headlines last month after attempting to smuggle his pet monkey, Mally, into Munich, Germany during his tour of Europe. Once the Canadian superstar was found out about though the Bavarian authorities hit him with the full force of the German legal system and despite the incident happening last month, poor old Mally is still under the custody of a Munich animal shelter.

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber is ready to wake goodbye to his monkey.

In a bid to end the trauma for the Capuchin monkey and himself, Biebs has decided that he wants to give up the monkey for good and will donate him to a caring home. Roberto Mioni Coltro, a spokesperson for Munich Tierschutzverein, spoke to E! News today (April 23), revealing that they had been contacted by Bieber's people to tell them that Justin is willing to give up his pet. He said, "Justin Bieber's management contacted us and they will give up Mally. They are asking us for a good home for Mally."

Coltro went on to tell E! that the authorities still need an official document from Justin's manager rather than just an email, but are hoping that the singer, or his management, will provide them with what they need soon enough. The final whereabouts of Mally will be decided by the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation and not the shelter, although Munich Tierschutzverein will give their opinion on where is the best destination for the monkey. Coltro went on to explain, "We only can make a recommendation and we don´t want to send Mally in the zoo, because the zoos will only [publicize] Mally...We (Tierschutzverein) want Mally in a rescue center or some organization for primates."

Whatever the outcome, as long as Mally finds a good home then that's all that matters. Bieber did have to pay a fine for trying to bring the pet into Germany, during the incident that took place on March 28. No one from Bieber's team has made any comment on the incident.

Justin Bieber
Justin can always buy another monkey if he wants