Justin Bieber has officially announced he is a man in a new teaser for his upcoming movie 'Believe 3D'.

The Canadian pop-star released the 30 second teaser on Friday (Oct 11th) via his twitter account, and posted;

"I keep my promises. U got #heartbreaker to #1 so I owe u #filmfridays..Here is your first #filmfridays. "The #stache lol."

In the clip Bieber's manager, Scooter Braun, pokes fun at the 19 year-olds scattered facial hair above his top lip, Bieber jokingly claims, "this is how much of a man I am," whilst '#STACHE' appears on the screen.

The 'Love Me' singer further quipped "Speaking of grown men, I'm drinking coffee right now," as he sipped from a white mug.

The 3D film is meant to highlight Justin's journey from a teen pop star into a young adult, and the teaser also includes an interview from his mentor, R&B singer, Usher stating "As a 19-year-old, Justin is now becoming his own man."

His mother, Pattie Mallette, also adds, "I think it's hard for parents to let go, but it's really exciting too to see him maturing."

Bieber has definitely come along since the lead single 'Baby', from his debut studio alum 'My World: 2.0', was released back in 2010.

Even though Bieber is still a teenager, this isn't his first documentary. 'Justin Bieber: Never Say Never' was a biopic-concert film released in 2011 and follows the 'Boyfriend' singer for a period of 10 days, counting down to what is considered his biggest performance at Madison Square Garden, NY, back in August of 2010.

'Believe 3D' is due to hit theatres on December 25th 2013.

Watch the 'Believe 3D' teaser below