Whilst Justin Bieber continues to live the life of riley, his pet monkey may have the chance to do the same thing now that it has been given a new home in a German wildlife park. The capuchin monkey has been transported to the Serengeti Park in Hodenhagen, north Germany, where it will serve out the rest of it's quarantine before being introduced to other capuchin monkeys.

Mally, as it was affectionately known as, had been living in an animal shelter near Munich since March, after the singer had it confiscated from him when he tried smuggling it into the country. Because Bieber failed to declare the animal before he flew in from Los Angeles, nor did he provide health and species protection certificates, the pet monkey was taken away from him until he could provide the proper documentation, something the Canadian singer has failed to do. Since Biebs effectively gave up his rights to the monkey, it became German property this week, after which it was handed over to an animal protection agency.

Fabrizio Sepe, head of the wildlife park, seemed to suggest that the monkey will be able to live a much happier life in his new enclosure, telling Reuters, "He will go into our capuchin monkey enclosure where there is a lovely island that is 40 meters long and 20 meters wide. It has lots of trees so it will be a bit of a game to try and recognize him."

Sepe went on to add that he has yet to hear from Bieber at all, but should the singer ever want to get in touch with him or see his monkey, he only needs to ask.

Justin Bieber Arnhem
Bieber has been given an open invitation to visit his monkey if he ever wants to

Justin Bieber Lisbon
Justin received the monkey as a birthday present