Justin Bieber is ''in love'' - with his new puppy.

The 'What Do You Mean' singer - who previously had an on/off relationship with Selena Gomez - says his new dog is ''adorable'' and makes him feel very happy.

He said: ''I am in love...Her name is Esther, she's my little puppy. She's adorable. She's a Silky Terrier. She makes me smile.''

The 21-year-old singer also admitted he finds it hard to trust people after previously being let down by those who ''hurt his heart''.

He said: ''Trusting people is hard, especially for me. I've trusted people who I probably shouldn't have trusted before and they've hurt my heart.

''I'm a pretty sensitive guy, so I'll lay it all on the line, and they'll kind of pull it. So now I'm figuring out there's certain people I can't do that with.''

However, Justin is trying not to let his bad experiences cloud his judgement of new people, even if he has to frequently remind himself that others can be ''awesome''.

Speaking on 'Elvis Duran and the Morning Show' in an interview airing tomorrow (28.08.15), he said: ''Here's what I'll tell the people: Don't let someone who ruined your trust ruin that next person's chance to gain that trust. I think I let that affect me and change the way I looked at people for a while.

''There's so many beautiful and amazing people who will encourage you, who will love you, who will not judge you. But I didn't see that because I completely put myself over here.

''I still have moments where I'm like, 'Yeah people suck.' And then I'll have those moments of like, 'No, people are awesome, and this is why I do what I do in the first place.'''