It's been two weeks since Justin Bieber's house was raided by the LA County Sheriff department in relation to an egg-throwing incident, which resulted in the arrest of Lil Za.

The police were attempting to find evidence of Bieber throwing eggs at his neighbor, including video documentation and other objects used to vandalise the home.

Lil Za, an aspiring rapper, is a close friend of the 'Baby' singer's and was caught by the two dozen detectives with illegal substances on him. 

The 19 year-old has been charged by the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office with two counts of possession of a controlled substance, for MDMA (a form of ecstasy) and Oxycodone, according to TMZ

The culprit, born Xavier Smith, has also been handed a felony charge for breaking a phone in the jail. 

Smith was taken to the Lot Hill's Sheriff Station on January 14th and spent less than a day incarcerated before being bailed, and due to breaking the phone an additional $50,000 was charged to his bail, MTV reports.

Although he recently deleted his twitter account, Lil Za vented his frustration on the social media site following his arrest (Jan 16th).

"Honestly, the media is making me someone I'm not . But only those in my shoes can relate. ... These ppl get paid to make you look bad," he posted. "Some stuff I've done has been wrong yes. but look at the position I'm in and the color of my skin. Cocaine? Really?"

TMZ also reports that he could face up to nine years behind bars. 

Lil Za is a good friend of Justin Bieber's