Another blowout happened in Justin Bieber’s Calabasas home last week, including weed and booze galore, except… the singer wasn’t there.

Yes, according to TMZ, someone else threw the rager at Justin’s and we bet you can even guess who that someone was. That’s right, it was Justin’s close pal of recent months, Lil Twist – the same Lil Twist, who was photographed smoking with Justin earlier this year. According to the TMZ report, on the night of March 19th, when Lil Twist and a friend were staying at Casa de Bieber, while Justin was still in Europe, the pair invited over no less than 40 ladies (and some guys) and just had themselves a rager. In the pictures from the extravaganza there is lots of beer, a large hookah pipe, as well as a hefty amount of hard liquor.

Twist has been getting into a number of altercations since the beginning of the year, including getting caught speeding in Bieber’s Ferarri earlier this year, when a photographer was struck and killed as Lil Twist sped through a traffic stop. During another incident, he drove Bieber’s Fisker into a cement pole at a liquor store and then took off, leaving the car behind. So even without the binger, the man’s record is already far from spotless.

Justin Bieber, London
It wasn't Justin's fault this time.