Justin Bieber, with all the money and success in the world, is still a kid at the end of the day, and at 20-years-old, Selena Gomez is still pretty much a youngster two, so the ongoing saga between the two and their love life was always likely to happen between them as it had before. That said, it does look as though the twosome may be over for good after Justin was spotted last night (Nov 17) locked out of Gomez' home, with his car spending the whole night outside the front gates.

Did we mention that they were kids? Because the pair now look like, after all that drama, they're still spending nights together as Bieber seemingly spent the night with Selena despite his car being denied access to the young actress' home. TMZ reported that the pair had a date at an upscale sushi restaurant last night, one that lasted all of ten minutes after Selena stormed off, with Justin in hot pursuit. After the short lived 'reconciliation' Justin was spotted trying to gain access to the heavily guarded home, looking very annoyed indeed, and it seemed as though he had as much chance of getting in as the paparazzi outside. Still, the 'Boyfriend' singer still managed to get in and spend the night, as his white Ferrari was spotted pulling out from the spot where it was abandoned this morning (Nov 18).

The latest break-up and reconciliation will be reported about later today we're sure.