Justin Bieber and Adidas have formed a new relationship. The in-house brand 'Neo' prides itself on the freshest looks with “with an eye for fashion and a focus on fun.” So, choosing Justin Bieber as its new 'Global Style Icon' is a shrewd move. Bieber's massive popularity with the under 20s will only rise from the pairing, but it's the over 20s - many of whom can be really rather cynical about the young singer, with whom this is likely to strike the chord that will make the most difference, lifting Bieber from 'irritating popstar' into the realms of 'cool' with the mid-twenty year olds that currently dismiss him.

Bieber will begin repping the shoe and clothing line during 2013. He will front campaigns for the brand, plus in a video released on YouTube, he hinted at a top-secret project that he is involved in with Adidas. Additionally, to celebrate his contract with Neo, he has set up an online treasure hunt, the prize being to meet the singer himself. In the video he says “We've been hiding pairs [of these gold sneakers] online that I need you to find. When you do, you can bring them to me in person. Find the first clue, and start searching!" What better enticement for girls across the globe to go scatty over Bieber and Neo sneakers? We felt the tremour of excitement from around the globe as the news was released.

The 18 year old is reportedly worth over $100m with various endorsements as well as his massive music career, selling millions of albums and singles world wide. Quoted in Graza, Bieber said “I found a real connection with NEO because it is about fashion, freedom and being true to who you are.”