Justin Bieber let his guard down at a recent album playback in London and in a case of 'handbags at dawn' for the young pop star, he managed to insult the event's host, Reggie Yates, as well as the entire UK nation. The Mirror reports that Justin started off on a bad footing, when he decided that the sound system at the playback venue wasn't doing his album any justice. And it ended with a pretty mean mockery of Reggie's accent.
Bieber's reputation is normally squeaky-clean; his image is, after all, built around him being the super-polite boy next door that any one of his many fans would be happy to take home to meet their mum. Yesterday, though, the teenager's hormones seemed to have taken over and his petulant behaviour has become more of a talking point than the music that the 200 media types had assembled to listen to. When Yates offered him a seat at the start of the playback, he replied "no, I want to introduce my song." He was clearly irritated by the sound quality of the PA, as well, saying "It sounds so bad" and when he was asked about recording the album, his mood seemed to get even worse. "I was in some random country" he started, before his manager Scooter corrected him, saying "Indonesia." Bieber carried on, "I recorded it in a studio," continues Justin. "Some little place. They didn't know what they were doing."
Bieber certainly won't be winning any prizes for improving international relations, with that kind of attitude. Or by mocking the British accent and in the case of Reggie Yates, correcting him by saying "It's 'think' with a 'th', not an 'f'." Hardly the mature response of someone that's just turned 18, now, is it?