Justin Bieber has become quite the jetsetter these days, traveling around on his Believe tour, but apparently he hasn’t gotten the memo that the point of climbing the Great Wall of China is to actually climb the Great Wall of China. The Biebs recently took a trip to the world famous landmark and, as you might expect, he didn’t do it alone. But the pop star’s relationship with his entourage seems to be deepening, as the photos, released by Justin’s tour Twitter, run by avid fans of the 19-year-old singer (@believetupdates) show the pop star, bundled up in a white hoodie and perched on the shoulders of two burly bodyguards.

The pictures make Bieber look like some sort of tiny monarch next to the members of his entourage. Then again, being a world famous pop star with millions of adoring fans probably comes with certain advantages.

Justin Bieber, MGM Grand
Perhaps Bieber was too exhausted from performing?

Justin was in China for several concert dates from his Believe tour. But, of course, this is Justin Bieber we’re talking about, so a few shows and a bit of tourist action was not enough. The singer also decided to put his time in Beijing to good use – or in his case, biking and running around in a Chinese policeman hat. Now we’re not sure if this qualifies as offensive exactly, but it is certainly one of the most bizzare sights of this week.