Justin Bieber caused chaos for police in Argentina this week (begs10Oct11) after authorities were forced to block off an area of Buenos Aires to traffic due to the huge crowds of fans gathered outside his hotel.
Hundreds of young devotees flocked to the Faena Hotel after discovering the Baby hitmaker was due to check in to a room there ahead of his concerts in the city on Wednesday (12Oct11) and Thursday (13Oct11).
The crowds grew so big that cops were called to keep the peace - and they had no choice but to redirect traffic from the area as an estimated 600 screaming teens filled the streets, causing congestion around the hotel.
A source tells the New York Post's Page Six column, "The hotel had to call the police to bring barricades and close off the entire neighbourhood."
The fans grew so unruly, they even tried to storm the building to get closer to Bieber, prompting the singer to issue a plea via Twitter.com not to break into his room.
After watching TV news footage of the trouble, he posted, "My Fans go Hard!! ha. Epicfans !!! wait... but dont break into my room. that aint cool (sic). this is still epic."
Bieber's South American tour continues in Chile on Saturday (15Oct11).

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