Oh Justin Bieber. Bieber Bieber Bieber, what are you like? After striking someone with his Ferrari outside a comedy club, the youngster Tweeted out, saying he wasn’t out to cause trouble, just have a laugh.

So what exactly happened? Well Biebz was pulling away from the comedy club - Laugh Factory in Hollywood – and struck a pedestrian while doing so. This pedestrian suffered minor, non-life-threatening injuries and the space-bound pop star was cleared of any wrongdoing, but instead of just saying sorry and being done with it, he tweeted, saying: "Sometimes u just wanna go to a comedy club and have a laugh. no trouble. just want to laugh." Just say sorry man, for the love of god. His super-expensive sports car is always getting him in trouble; recently, neighbors in his swanky Calabasas neighborhood accused him of driving recklessly through the area. His ever busy legal team handed over a security tape in his defence; it showed him getting into his car to park it at the same time he was accused of driving at breakneck speeds in the tight driving space.

Alright, maybe it wasn’t you that time, Biebz. Space-bound? You ask. Yes. Young Bieber is due to fly up into space thanks to Virgin’s galactic program. He shelled out fat stack for the privilege, and will have to train up for months in Mexico. We can’t wait to see how he deals with that.

Justin BieberAt 19, Bieber is causing loads of trouble...

Justin Bieber
...but he really just wants to have a laugh. Smile then!