Justin Bieber had his first bit of bad press in 2014 (it really didn't take long did it) this week when he was accused of vandalism against one of his neighbours. The singer is accused of pelting his neighbour's home with eggs on Thursday, 9 January, evening and the incident has since become a police matter.

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Justin has taken a hiatus from music to try and grow up, which so far hasn't happened

What may seem like a harmless prank from a little kid to some is being seen as a serious offence by others, with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's detective department gunning for Bieber's arrest and eventual charge. According to a report from TMZ, the L.A. detectives believe they're close to nailing Bieber and will be able to charge him for felony vandalism. Providing the home owner whose house came under attack from Bieber's eggs can provide an estimate for the damages the eggy nightmare cost by the star of next week, police are fairly confident that they can really make Bieber pay for his latest ill-advised incident.

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It took a little over a week for Bieber to act like a pleb again

According to a connected source speaking with the gossip site, Bieber damaged some very expensive Venetian plaster that coats the outside of the vandalised house, with police estimating that damages caused by Bieber could reach the thousands. In the state of California, any vandalism damage costing more than $400 can be charged as a felony, meaning that if the police estimates are right then Justin will have to pay a hefty fine and will also have other charges to face too.

The report goes on to state that the Sheriff's Department are so keen on getting Bieber charged and hold him accountable for the crime because they feel as though the singer has made a mockery of the legal system with his constant evasion from the law, despite it being common knowledge that he has broken laws in the past.

The District Attorney should have a charge decided on by next week.

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Justin might have to pay a big price for his latest stunt