The Los Angeles Country district attorney has decided not to charge Justin Bieber with a felony charge of robbery. The singer has been accused of attempting to steal a woman’s cell phone while at a miniature golf course on May 12, although the DA has ruled that the incident “does not warrant felony prosecution.”

Justin Bieber Robbery ChargesJustin Bieber has had a fair few brushes with the law in recent months

The case will be passed to the Los Angeles city attorney who will be tasked with deciding whether a misdemeanour charge should be filed against Bieber. The woman involved had filed the initial complaint a day after the alleged incident, on May 13. Hours after filing the complaint she contacted celebrant news website TMZ to tell them her side of the story.

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She alleged that after she had snapped Bieber on her iPhone at the batting cages in Sherman Oaks Castle Park the singer’s bodyguard approached her and asked her to not take photos. Bieber himself “then approached and accused her of videotaping him…He demanded to see her phone, then reached into her purse and pulled the phone out.” The pair then apparently “tussled over it for a moment.”

She then claims that she told Bieber she hadn’t been recording him and offered to show him, before Bieber said to her: “Why don’t you leave, you’re embarrassing your daughter.”

Justin Bieber Robbery ChargesIn January Justin Bieber was taken into custody in Miami on charges on reckless driving

Nine park employees were interviewed about the incident and none of them admitted to seeing “any kind of physical altercation or tug-of-war.” The incident wasn’t captured on any of the CCTV cameras, which were not positioned correctly to film that particular area.

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