They say a picture paints a thousand words, but a snap of Justin Bieber posing with a fan simply raises a thousand questions. And the biggest question is: did Justin Bieber feel her up?

Well at first glance, it certainly seems so. Bieber has his hand in a weird position, and it certainly looks like he's grabbing something he shouldn't be. "IM DYING HAHAHAHHAHA IT LOOKS LIKE JUSTIN'S TOUCHING MY BOOB IN THE PICTURE," Jocelyn - the fan in the picture - wrote on her Twitter page. "I whispered that it was my 2nd time sneaking in [to the meet and greet] & he kissed me on the cheek in the picture & it looks like his hand is there." Jocelyn also wrote, "Let me clear this up for people who can't read, NO I did NOT ask Justin to touch my boobs," but that doesn't actually clear things up at all, does it? And to further confuse the issue, she wrote, "People can think what they want but I know what really happened & Justin does too so everyone else's opinions don't matter to me". obtained the full photo from the official Justin Bieber fan website, but the snapshot has since been taken down from the gallery of meet-and-greet photos from the tour, which even FURTHER casts doubt on the situation.