The girl and a few other devotees had reportedly been waiting outside the address with their parents for hours in a bid to meet the singer, but when Bieber finally emerged, he rushed past the youngsters and hopped straight into a waiting SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle), ignoring their requests for a quick picture.

In video footage of the incident, the What Do You Mean? hitmaker can be seen sitting in the back seat as a bodyguard slams the car door in the teens' faces.

Seconds later, Bieber opens the door to call out to an associate, who gets into the front seat, and as they talk, the fans can be heard pleading for the chance to take photos, prompting the star to snap, "Yo, I'm talking to someone. Relax!"

As the girls apologise, the 21 year old pulls the door shut and the vehicle begins to pull away from the sidewalk, leaving one youth appearing to burst into tears.

Bieber has yet to comment on the incident.

The news of the altercation emerges a day after the singer also hit headlines for a little rude behaviour, after he chastised a cameraman on live U.S. TV during an outdoor concert for breakfast show Today on Thursday (10Sep15). The star took aim at the network employee for appearing to encroach on his personal space during the gig, preventing him from properly showing off his dance moves.