People are always saying that Justin Bieber is setting himeslf up for a fall, but who knew how right they'd turn out to be?! The popstar indeed took a tumble on stage while performing in Kansas City, Missouri this week - though he dealt with it with admirable dignity, it has to be said.

Justin BieberHave a nice trip?

The 'Sorry' singer was trying to get up close and personal with his audience at the Sprint Center on Wednesday (April 6th 2016) during the US leg of his 'Purpose' tour, approaching the edge of the stage with intent. However, on the way over, the topless idol slipped on what was probably some of that fake rain that was being sprayed during his set. He went straight down, but no sooner had he fallen than he got straight back up, dusted himself off and continued his song as if nothing had happened.

In fact, it was quite incredibe how he managed to continue singing 'Sorry' without missing a single beat; do we smell a lip-synching scandal here? 

He's not the only one who's suffered a trip while performing this week. Demi Lovato similarly fell after stumbling down a step during WE Day at The Forum in Inglewood, California yesterday (April 9th), though she laughed it off by waving at her screaming fans while still on the floor.

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Still, both those falls fail to reach the magnificence of The Edge's plunge off the stage during a U2 performance in Vancouver last year, or even Madonna's shocking backwards descent at the Brit Awards when she failed to untie the cape that her dancers were pulling away. One Direction's Harry Styles has also done it too often for it to make news anymore, but there's always an awkward grace about it.

Maybe we should stop telling people to 'break a leg' before they go on stage?