Last time Justin Bieber got into a potential court scrap it was blown out the water pretty quickly by his crack team of advisors and lawyers, scaring 20 year-old Mariah Yeater into retracting her claim that he was the father of her child. However, following a spat with a photographer in a Los Angeles mall recently, it seems that the latest allegation isn't just going to go away, and police will be needing to speak to the 18 year-old pop star about the incident.
Bieber has talked about changing his image and becoming more adult, we're pretty sure a punch-up and a court battle wasn't what he had in mind though - and now 18 years old there's little protecting him from the long arm of the law if he is found guilty.
Tmz reports that police have referred the case to prosecutors and will talk to Bieber when he returns from his current European promotional jaunt. If found guilty, the star could face six months in jail; however the general consensus from passers-by seems to be that the situation has been exaggerated by the paparazzo, after a lawyer on the scene told the man in question that he could make a substantial amount of money from the situation if he filed a police report and called an ambulance.