Justin Bieber has been implicated in a club fight which occurred at a Southhampton nightclub on Sunday (4th August). The pop star, according to the New York Daily News, appeared at the South Pointe nightclub at around 2am. Sources speaking to the newspaper complained that his entourage, which included four "intimidating and overbearing" bodyguards, were unfriendly and unwilling to let anyone near the 19-year-old.

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber escorted by a bodyguard after a night out in London.

One source said "they were heavy-handed in their protection of him", according to another witness the bodyguards pointed flashlights directly into the club goer's faces in order to divert attention from Bieber as he made his way to the VIP area. 

A woman who wanted to meet Bieber returned from the VIP area saying "they wouldn't let me talk to Justin." Why on earth the woman would want to speak to the unpleasant teenager is another matter - but it's still rather rude. 

According to an eye-witness the club's atmosphere was tense owing to Bieber and his bodyguard's presence. However the situation escalated when a female club-goer (it is unknown if woman is the same as mentioned above), attempting to speak to Bieber, was rejected and her male friend intervened. A heated exchange apparently took place and Bieber "ripped his shirt off and went nuts. He was screaming."

The singer then left the club and entered his getaway vehicle. Events are not clear from this point onwards. However, sources reporting to TMZ suggest Bieber leapt through the sun roof of the vehicle and, allegedly, attacked a bystander. It is believed the victim was knocked unconscious and one witness suggests blood may have been drawn. 

It is unknown who was responsible for this assault. A police report was filed by the victim but it is not Bieber who is under investigation but his entourage.  

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber leaving his London hotel in February 2013.

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber performing on stage in Las Vegas,  June 2013.