Justin Bieber’s been a bad boy, we get it, but seriously guys, which media outlets out there have been vying for a video of his drug test? A US judge has ruled that the public will have access to the Biebs peeing in a cup following his arrest back in January. Justin was arrested for a DUI, while allegedly drag racing his yellow Lamborghini sports car around Miami.

justin bieber drug testFootage of Justin's drug test will be made available to the public

According to Florida law, the video footage of Justin having to take the subsequent drug test that resulted from his arrest, can be legally accessed by the media as it counts as a public record. Don’t get too excited though, Beliebers, Justin’s private parts will be censored out of the video so that he maintains some kind of privacy. We’re still not totally sure how the judge believes that Justin ‘has not lost his right to privacy’, the whole thing sounds more than a little bit intrusive to us.

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Footage of that fateful night back in January, which sees Justin doing pushups in his cell as well as stumbling about while he takes a sobriety test, has already been released. Bieber had supposedly been racing his car under the influence of marijuana and had consumed ‘a beer’, according to Sergeant Bobby Hernandez. Justin has pleaded not guilty to DUI as well as resisting arrest and not being in possession of a valid license. We’re not one to judge but Justin’s behaviour of late has been anything but wholesome, so we’ll be interested to see whether his not guilty plea is accepted and he walks away scott free from the whole incident or whether there are actually some consequences, as he doesn't seem to expect any for his actions.

Justin BieberJustin Bieber - peeing into a cup?

However, the release of Justin’s drug test just sounds like one step too far to us. The event has already been written about relentlessly since it happened, as well as various footage of Justin in a cell having been made available for public consumption. Really, is it necessary to watch grainy footage of Justin relieving himself in a cup? It sounds like a gross invasion of what was probably already a pretty stressful evening for the star (although if his mug shot was anything to go by he was having a pretty fantastic time). When the press is vying for footage of a 20 year old urinating (even though this wouldn’t be the first time footage of Justin urinating has done the rounds on the web) it just makes us feel a little bit uncomfortable about the world that we’re living in today.

How do you feel about the footage of Justin’s drug test being released to the public? Will you be watching?

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