Justin Bieber has done it again – abused social media that is. If you haven’t been living under a rock, you should know about Instagram’s brand new feature – video posts. Admittedly, when you take into consideration that sites like Youtube and Vine exist, the announcement sounds considerably less exciting, but the Biebs decided to test it out none the less. Earlier today he posted a brand new type of selfie – a moving one.

We’d like to say that it’s like the birth of cinema all over again, but the main similarity seems to be that nothing happened in those movies, much like nothing happens in this one. Justin makes the observant announcement: "So crazy news, guys. There's video on Instagram!" Crazy. The pop star then bursts out laughing. Throughout the video Justin is squinting and slurring his words, prompting speculation that he may have been smoking pot before recording the video.

He has had several pot-related incidents and MJ-fueled ragers at his place have also been reported. However, the pop star did have cause to celebrate. This past Monday, the Biebs was cleared of all charges in an alleged hit-and-run with a photographer in Los Angeles – clearly, that deserved a video selfie. Well, congratulations, Justin - apparently the justice system and social media are both on your side this week.

Justin Bieber, LA
Justin won't have time for cheeky selfies soon.

Justin Bieber, Arnhem
The pop star has announced new music coming later this year.