Justin Bieber says has no idea why people have labelled him "a brat", and claims he hasn't heard the rumour about him causing trouble on a recent American Airlines flight from Los Angeles to Asia. A Fox News report alleged how the teen superstar was being difficult with flight attendants and refused to have his photograph taken with the pilot.
Whilst leaving the Katsuya restaurant in Hollywood this week, Bieber spoke to Tmz.com about his frustration at the speculation, saying, " I've never heard that rumour before", adding, "I don't think you should believe everything you hear ... people make stuff up all the time.Supposedly I'm dead today ... that's the rumour". One story that appears to be accurate is Justin's recent matchmaking exploits. The 17-year-old tweeted Kendall Jenner, the half-sister of Kim Kardashian, asking her to consider a date with his close friend Julian Swirsky. To the singer's surprise, Jenner agreed to the date on one stipulation - that the pair double date with Justin and his girlfriend Selena Gomez. Swirsky has since made the next move, asking Kendall if she is "choosing the restaurant".
Following a long World Tour, Bieber is currently taking a month off before starting work on his hugely anticipated second studio album.

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