Justin Bieber was accidentally heard complaining about a camera operator on 'Today'.

The 21-year-old singer got irritated with the placement of the cameras during his performance on the show today (10.09.15) but didn't realise his mic was switched on when he made his grievance known.

He said: ''Next time I won't dance because the camera's here the whole time. Might as well not dance.''

The footage then cut to a commercial break.

Elsewhere on the show, the 'What Do You Mean' singer opened up about his tears at the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) admitting he felt pleased to be ''accepted'' by fans again following a turbulent period in which his wild partying and bizarre behaviour caused concern.

He said ''It just feels so great to feel the acceptance. And it's not that that's where I get my validation, but it shows that they're for me and not against me.

''You always go in situations, especially me now, it's like I just feel judged. It's hard. But I'm feeling more confident.''

And Justin also spoke about his past mistakes, including being arrested for driving offences and egging a neighbour's house, insisting he is just trying to ''figure out'' life like any other person his age.

He told host Matt Lauer: ''Life goes in places you never expected. I'm just a young man trying to figure it out like everyone else.''