Justin Bieber is off the hook for the latest charges against him – namely a hit-and-run, dating back to the night of June 17. According to New York Daily News, Justin hit the photographer, while leaving The Laugh Factory in L.A. The trial was meant to find out whether Bieber had knowingly hit photographer Damian Walter on the night of the incident. According to procecutors, the singer pulled away through a "clear path" when the photog "suddenly stepped in front of" his vehicle.

Justin Bieber, MGM Grand Garden Arena
Bieber's music has taken a backseat to his court visits lately.

Apparently, all the evidence amounted to the conclusion that Justin was just taking a leisurly drive, which Walter happened to interrupt. More or less. However, the Biebs’ driving skills couldn’t have been in top form that night anyway. According to the court documents, Walter was hit in the leg by Bieber’s car and then pinned between the Ferarri and another vehicle. At this point the photographer dropped his camera and fell to the ground himself, with minor scrapes on his leg – this according to the filing rejection.

Justin Bieber, MGM Grand Garden Arena
The court cleared him.


Bieber’s line of defense stated that in the noise, flashes and confusion of a dozen or so paparazzi hounding him and taking pictures, the singer was unaware of the incident. Apparently, he didn’t realize that the car had made contact, which also explains Bieber driving away. That’s what his attorneys said anyway and apparently, there was enough evidence to support the story. So congratulations, Justin Bieber – so far, despite mounds of controversy piling up, the singer’s record remains clean.

Justin Bieber, Arnhem, Netherlands
Bieber is free to go.