Justin Bieber was charged with drink driving, resisting arrest and drag racing.

The 'Baby' hitmaker was arrested in Miami Beach this morning (23.01.14) after being stopped for allegedly drag racing in a rented yellow Lamborghini and soon after he failed a sobriety test, is accused of disobeying officer's orders and was found to have an expired licence.

According to reports, the pop star's entourage used their cars to block traffic on Pine Tree Drive at 26th Street, near the Miami Beach Hebrew Academy, so Justin could race his car.

Speaking at a press conference, Miami Beach Police Chief Raymond Martinez said Bieber ''had been smoking marijuana and he did consume a beer''.

He added: ''During the arrest Mr. Bieber made statements that he had consumed alcohol and had been smoking marijuana and had consumed prescription medication.''

According to police reports which Miami Beach Police posted on their Twitter account the officer ''immediately smelt an odour of alcohol emanating from the driver's breath'' and noticed his ''bloodshot eyes'' and he had ''slow deliberate movement and a stupor look on his face''.

Raymond said Justin had been very cooperative once he got to Miami-Dade County Jail where he had his mugshots and fingerprints taken.

The 19-year-old singer had earlier resisted arrest without violence but verbally insulted the police who had apprehended him, saying, ''Why the f**k are you doing this?'' before stepping out of the vehicle.

As an officer searched Justin for weapons - a customary action - he began to become aggravated once again.

He said: ''I ain't go no f***ing weapons. Why do you have to search me? What the f**k is this about?''

Justin was thereafter warned to face forward and place his hands on the hood of the car, but the singer dismissed the orders and was consequently arrested.