Justin Bieber was allegedly celebrating after he caused substantial damage to his neighbours property.

The 20 year-old singer is still facing legal action in the egg-throwing incident that occurred in January in his Calabasas, Calif., neighborhood, and authorities may have solid evidence that proves he is guilty.

A search warrant affidavit, in which calls the Canadian "suspect Bieber," states that he is caught on surveillance footage, obtained in the January 14th raid on his home, high-fiving his pal after throwing an egg.

The affidavit, filed by Los Angeles County Sheriff's Detective Ginni Alvarez, also claims the 'Baby' singe is wearing the same clothes he was seen in earlier that same day.

"He was approached by the group of males, some of whom Suspect Bieber is observed 'high-fiving,'" writes Detective Alvarez in the affidavit. "Suspect Bieber and the other males appeared to be laughing and celebrating."

The only problem with this alleged footage is Bieber isn't seen throwing any egg or even with an egg in his hand when the incident took place.

The affidavit, which was made public Friday (April 25th), was filed in March in an attempt to secure a warrant to search Bieber's Instagram account to search for evidence of the same clothes that would match the surveillance video shot.

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This case could be treated as a felony investigation if damage from the incident exceeds more than $400, and if found guilty Bieber could be sending time behind bars.

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"If the crime is charged as a standalone misdemeanor vandalism, the defendant can face a steep fine, restitution, and up to one year in the county jail," criminal defense attorney, James E. Silverstein, told Hollywood Life. "If found guilty of a felony, the individual can be placed into custody for up to three years and/or placed on felony probation. The defendant also faces a steep fine and victim restitution."

Justin Bieber
Bieber was celebrating after the egg-throwing incident