Justin Bieber has developed a reputation of being a bit of a douchebag, and whilst we were all wondering exactly what is was that made people think of the teen heart-throb in such a way, he goes and gets carried up the Great Wall of China. Actually carried, like a child, on the shoulders of two of his bodyguards. Is this making you angry? Quick, look at this gif of Zach Galifianakis whipping Bieber with his belt. It will hopefully ease the pain.

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber: Living the dream or just being a douche? You decide!

Ok, lets be honest here, if you were a 19-year-old who was adored by millions of girls and had more wealth that you knew what to do with, you'd be doing something pretty similar. But there's really only one person in the world who's in Justin Bieber's position, and that's Justin Bieber, so that's reason enough to get riled up.

Here's what happened; Justin visited the Great Wall last week and initially sparked a security scare when he began skateboarding around the wall with some of his crew, being chased by some of the local security forces as a result. You know, because that's an appropriate way to act. Biebs clearly wasn't up for walking that day, because as soon as he arrived at his first set of stairs he realised how daunting the task of scaling the Great Wall actually was. No worries though, because that's what bodyguards are for, and he was hoisted on to the shoulders of two of his security team and taken up the Wall. At the top, he did get on his own feet again, taking photos and enjoying the view.

This prompted quite the backlash online though, as you could image it would, with Twitter users coming up with some pretty great insults. As quoted by The Mirror, one Twitter user ingeniously wrote "All hail Emperor Bieber."

For those interested in the Galifianakis gif, you can check out the full video here, or alternatively, you can watch it below.