Just days after Justin Bieber moved into his new Beverly Hills condo, the singer has allegedly been involved in a car crash. This time, however, he was not behind the wheel, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Bieber was reportedly in the back of the black Escalade involved in the crash.

Justin Bieber
Bieber wasn't driving, but eyewitnesses say he was in the car at the time.

According to the police, the luxury vehicle was hit by a BMW, as it was pulling out of a car park near near Bouchon restaurant in Beverly Hills.

"There was a non-injury traffic accident and no charges were filed," a spokesperson for the Beverly Hills Police Department told THR. Justin’s Bieber presence on the scene was not confirmed, however the officer said: "we know there was a vehicle that was possibly connected to him" involved in the crash.

Justin Bieber
There were no reported injuries.

According to the police department, Bieber’s driver was speeding away from a group of paparazzi, when he ran into the BMW. According to eyewitness reports, cited by THR, Bieber jumped into another vehicle and left the scene immediately after the crash.

Bieber won’t face charges for this incident, but he is due in court on July 7 to face DUI charges related to an incident in January when he was arrested in Miami Beach.

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