It would appear as though Justin Beiber has trained his bodyguards trained well, or at least tuned to his desires. Known for taking out paparazzi like defensive backs, they’ve been in trouble for taking things a little too far.

And trouble seems to have reared its ugly head again, as the Baby singer’s goons, presumably acting on the bratty popstar’s request, are being investigated on battery charges after an amateur photographer tried to grab a snap of Bieber. Cops have opened a misdemeanor battery investigation, but our favourite young star isn’t considered a suspect. If he was, those pesky feds would have to build a spaceship to catch him, as he’s become the latest star to hand over fat stacks to Virgin Galactic in exchange for a trip to space. For $200k, he, Leonardo Dicaprio and Ashton Kutcher (maybe not all at the same time) will be training in Mexico for the outer-space experience. They’ll then get to shoot up into space and see what Earth looks like from afar, as well as experiencing what anti-gravity feels like – pretty cool, no? Virgin Galactic has been testing SpaceShipTwo, which carries six passengers, ahead of its scheduled first trip later this year, when Branson and his family are due to travel into space.

Classic Bieber, though; he reckons he’s going to shoot a music video up there, becoming the first pop star to do so, or something. Can’t you just enjoy what barely anyone else gets to do? Doesn’t look like he can.

Justin BieberThat face, cap and those chains are fooling anyone, Bieber - get the bodyguards

Justin BieberYou can't wear that in space, Justin Bieber