It looks like the blogosphere’s predictions are coming true and we are finally witnessing the sunset of Justin Bieber’s career. Given his antics in 2013, it won’t be a graceful one either. Both the teenybopper’s documentary and his new album are flopping in the UK. If you haven’t heard about Journals, aka Justin’s new album, you would be forgiven, since it came in 46th in the Christmas charts – the lowest debut of Bieber’s career. Even ten weeks of Music Mondays, during which Bieber released one new song to fans each week, couldn’t save the record from tanking.

Justin Bieber, Believe World Premiere
Does this mean Bieber fever can be left in 2013?

But at least he still has that hit documentary and teenage girls will no doubt flock to see it en masse, right? Not quite. The Believe movie is suffering a similar fate, despite heavy promotion. According to the Mirror, Believe earned only $3.1 million (£1.88 million) in its first three days in the US – a fraction of the debut takings of his first concert movie, Never Say Never, which grossed nearly ten times that and took $70 million in total. This might be because the film is the kind of self-celebratory fluff that only diehard fans would be attracted to – plenty of arena footage, spliced with some less-than-thrilling behind-the-scenes moments and of course, some interviews with the man himself.

Apparently there isn't enough support anymore.

At this point, generous estimates place Believe at around $7 million gross takings stateside. Compared to One Direction’s This Is Us, which debuted to $15.8 million on its way to earning $28.9 million in the summer, this paints a grim picture for the Biebs’ career. Unless he can somehow pull a comeback out of his oversized hat, Justin seems to be facing the slow decline that many stars have gone through before him.

One Direction, NRJ Music Awards
It's the circle of life/pop/the music industry.