Justin Bieber has wasted no time getting to work in 2012, releasing a 'New Year's-themed track titled 'Happy New Year', featuring his close friend Jaden Smith on rapping duties. The 17-year-old tasted huge success at the end of last year with his Christmas album 'Under the Mistletoe', which topped the Billboard Chart.
Though many assumed Justin would be taking a break before beginning work on his next studio album, it seems he's back into the swing of things already. This weekend, he tweeted "2012 is the year to be better, stronger and closer to the people around you. So grab someone special, and just, you know", before releasing the new track, featuring Will Smith's son. The slow jam features lyrics including, "I'm gonna make your cheeks red when I kiss your neck, girl I'm never leavin, cause you are the best baby.I wanna give you everything, never feel 'cause girl you're coming home with me". Following in the footsteps of his father, Jaden then raps, "Cause 2012 is the year of the love, and we gon' start it off, we can get a plane today and get a car tomorrow, we don't do it small at all, no girl tell me what I gotta to do,I can be the beat that you rockin' to/I can do anything, nothing is impossible".
Justin celebrated New Year's Eve by taking to the stage in Times Square for 'DICk Clark's New Year's Rockin Eve 2012', not far from where his girlfriend Selena Gomez was hosting Nye in Nyc 2012'. The twosome later reunited for a dance at Glass House bar in Manhattan.