Justin Bieber has been banned from an Austrian nightclub after his bodyguards smashed fans' cameras.

The 19-year-old singer was partying at Passage club in Vienna over the weekend following his concert in the city when his bodyguards reportedly broke the cameras and mobile phones of fans who tried to take a picture of the hearthrob.

Club manager Joachim Bankel told the Austrian Times: !Justin Bieber is no longer welcome here.''

Justin has had a difficult time lately after a recent controversy-filled trip to London - which included him turning up two hours late to a show and getting into an altercation with a photographer - and his pet monkey being seized by customs in Germany but his recently collaborator will.i.am insists Justin's mother Pattie Mallette will make sure he's fine.

He said: ''It's dangerous to be a child star, but it's dangerous to be a child in the ghetto, or to be a child at school being bullied.

''If you have good parents, you'll be all right. Justin's mom is great.''