Justin Bieber’s done a lot of stupid stuff recently, but all he’s got as comeuppance so far is column inches and smarmy headlines. A guy in Dubai took things a bit further and actually attacked him on stage in Dubai.

It was getting to Bieber’s swansong; his piano piece to see out the night when all of a sudden, mid-Believe, the man grabbed him from behind, halting the song and stunning the pop star and his entourage. Bieber wriggled free and into the arms of his safety net backstage, but this wasn’t just a minor scuffle. The Bieber-hating, Dubai Hulk-man managed to overturn the piano! We’re assuming he was duly apprehended. You try to do a good thing and look what happens. Biebz returned and finished his set – ‘no sweat’, but he didn’t sing One Less Lonely Girl; out of respect for the country's Muslim faith, that song was removed. In-keeping with all-encompassing, respectful persona, Bieber also paused a recent concert in Turkey so his fans could take part in the Muslim call to prayer. Nothing seems to go smoothly for the ‘Baby’ singer.

His first gig in Dubai – at the Sevens Stadium – was plunged into controversy as he arrived 2 hours late, displaying similar behaviour to his European tour, which saw him landed in a lot of hot water with a lot of people. Parents in Dubai were equally annoyed, as Sunday is a school day in Dubai.

Justin BieberHere's Biebz - annoying a Dutch audience