Justin Bieber could have a lawsuit on his hands after the singer allegedly ordered one of his bodyguards to attack a fan taking photographs of the singer and steal his camera's memory card. The unhappy fan is also alleging that the bodyguard, Hugo Hesny, pulled out a gun and threatened him to hand the memory card over.

The alleged victim, Jeffrey Binion, claims that he was taking snaps of the singer as he left a recording session at the Hit Factory studios in Miami, Florida, at the beginning of last week, only to be attacked by the teen singer's bodyguard. According to the police statement filed by Binion and acquired by TMZ - filed on June 5 - Bieber ordered his bodyguard to attack the photographer and steal his memory card, when Hesny pulled out a gun and proceeded to threaten Binion until he handed over the memory card.

In his case against Bieber and bodyguard Hugo, Binion says that Hesny followed out  Bieber's requests; that included being thrown him against a wall, grabbed by the throat, and having a gun holstered under Hesney's shirt shown to him whilst his memory card was stolen by some of Justin's other bodyguards. Binion insists that he is a professional photographer, not a paparazzi, and was simply at the right place at the right time to steal a picture of Bieber - or rather the wrong place at the wrong time to get attacked and robbed.

Binion is claiming that the ordeal caused him to suffer bodily injury, pain and suffering, mental anguish and incur medical expenses and he wants payment, and expenses, as retribution for the attack.

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Justin is being sued for allegedly ordering his bodyguards to attack a photographer and steal his memory card after a recording session

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Justin hasn't commented on the situation yet