Justin Bieber has hit the headlines for all of the wrong reasons again. The teenage pop star has been accused of assaulting a neighbour, though – somewhat bizarrely – the Sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore has revealed that the assault did not involve any “physical touching.” Perhaps Justin Bieber has mastered the art of telekinisis, or perhaps the particular brand of assault being deployed was verbal rather than physical, or Justin threw a strop and started throwing things? Other than those three options, we’re pretty bamboozled when it comes to figuring out exactly what Justin’s done wrong this time around.

According to Los Angeles Times, there were no further details available on the investigation, other than to reveal that the neighbour lives on Prado Del Grandioso in Calabasas and was arguing with Justin outside his home, when the argument “escalated.” The sheriff’s deputies arrived at the scene at 9:08am yesterday (March 26, 2013) to investigate what was going on.

This isn’t the first time that Justin has been accused of assault either, though his frustration and anger is usually directed at paparazzi. In May, he was accused of kicking and punching a photographer at the Calabasas mall, after he took photos of Bieber and his girlfriend at the time, Selena Gomez. In fact, Bieber is doing little to ingratiate himself with the Calabasas community, as he’s also been annoying them with his reckless late night driving, according to TMZ. 

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber onstage... what's that you can hear Justin? Sirens again?