Justin Bieber is probably feeling like the luckiest person alive right about now.  The singer has managed to escape further legal proceedings by accepting a plea deal. Incase you're wondering (as Bieber has been involved in his fair share of legal woes lately) this particular plea deal is in regards to his DUI arrest in Florida in January this year. The singer was caught by police drink-driving and drag racing a Lamborghini in Miami before attempting to resist arrest.

Justin Bieber Plea DealJustin Bieber has managed to avoid going to trial once again

Us Weekly magazine is reporting that charges against Bieber will be dropped, provided he attends an anger management course.  A source told the magazine: "It's a really good deal and he's happy with it.  He thinks it's fair.  He just wants to put the whole bad episode behind him and move on."

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The deal means that the 'One Less Lonely Girl' singer won’t have to face trial, allowing him to dodge the bullet once again this week.  Bieber has also managed to avoid a felony charge in relation to robbery charges which were brought up against him.  A woman alleged Bieber tried to steal her mobile phone from her handbag after he had accused her of filming him with it.  The star supposedly tried to reach in to the woman's bag to take out the phone, before the pair "tussled over it" for a few moments.  The Los Angeles City Attorney downgraded the charge from a felony to a misdemeanour, meaning another lucky escape for the troubled pop star. 

Justin Bieber Plea DealBieber has been dogged by various accusations in 2014

It isn't just legal worries that Bieber has been weighed down with.  In recent weeks two videos were leaked showing the star using a racial slur.  Bieber issued a lengthy apology for his use of the N-word, which he described as an "inexcusable mistake."

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